UT3 Custom Levels

December 12, 2011


A close-quartered, fast paced death-match arena based loosely off of Castle from James Bond - Agent Under Fire. The desirable rocket launcher and invisibility power-up are centrally located in an open courtyard which is overlooked by every other part of the arena. The risk-reward dynamic is the focus of this map. With good timing, the player might be able to grab the berserk powerup, invisibility, and the rocket launcher with as little as 3 quick movements.


A very tight, fast paced capture the flag map for 4 players. The central corridor provides an opportunity for defenders to recapture a lost flag using trans-locators to surprise their opponents by waiting for them in their own flag corridor. Precision and twitch reflexes are key here.


A very open deathmatch level, providing lots of z-axis gameplay, skill based wall dodges and movements, and complete freedom of movement. The only corridors are used to house powerful weapons, and the shock becomes very effective as a defensive weapon used to push enemies off of the central tower. Despite the open layout, sniping is challenging because of the number of visual obstructions, pillars, and thick fog. Powerups spawn away from the central tower, daring players to leave the relative safety from snipers, and provide much easier targets.


A faithful recreation of Shipment from COD4, this deathmatch is close quarters and good for 1vs1.